Uploading Your Slides to SPS Events

If you recently spoke at an SPS Event or you are planning to speak at an upcoming SharePoint Saturday and want to upload your slides for the people who come to your talk, the process is quite simple and built into the new SPS Events web site.

Step #1 – Log In

Note: if you already submitted a talk, or if this was for a past event, you must use the same Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo account that you logged in to submit your talk


Step #2 – Go to your Speaker Dashboard

Using the same menu that you logged in with, click the dropdown next to the person icon and choose "Go to my speaker dashboard"


Step #3 – Choose your Session or Talk

Your speaker dashboard will list all the talks you entered.  Choose the one that you would like to add slides or sample code from the list of talks.


Step #4 – Click “Edit Session”

Click the blue “Edit Session” button at the bottom right corner of you session.


Step #5 – Upload Your Slides

In the final step upload your slides, or other support files.  If you have sample code, you may want to zip it up into a single file for easy download.  You can choose up to 5 files per session.


Click save and now your attendees can download your slides!

Visit SPSEvents.org now to upload your slides.

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