Steve Jobs Inducted Into Bay Area Business Hall of Fame, Eddy Cue Gives Heartfelt Acceptance Speech

Steve Jobs is one of my heroes. I started programming on Apple computers before Microsoft DOS existed. My father’s office ran on Lisa computers, the precursor to the Mac. I was a fan of NeXT and had a life-size poster of the NeXT motherboard hanging on the wall of my college dorm room. Today, I do SharePoint and Windows 8 development on a Mac. This post and video are a great tribute to a great man.


Steve Jobs was posthumously inducted into the Bay Area Business Hall of Fame last Thursday, and Apple SVP Eddy Cue tweeted a link to the video, and was at the ceremony to accept the award and to give a speech about his former leader and friend.

The video presented a montage of Steve’s greatest hits, overlaid with narration by the man himself. Former Apple VP of Marketing Bill Campbell, who now serves on the company’s board of directors (and as a CEO coach of some renown) speaks briefly about Jobs, his relationship with his wife and kids and his legacy.

Cue then speaks for a few minutes about his relationship with Jobs and gives an anecdote about the introduction of the Bondi Blue iMac.

“He was a colleague, but most important, he was my friend. We talked every day, we talked about everything,” Cue says. “Even in my darkest…

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