SharePoint at //BUILD/ 2013

Here are a list of SharePoint related talks from June 26-28, 2013 in San Francisco held at the Build 2013 Microsoft Conference:

Title/Date Speaker(s) Description
0 to 60: Developing Apps for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Sonya Koptyev, Keenan Newton architecture and anatomy for apps for SharePoint, the various types of apps, hosting options and development techniques
Understanding Authentication and Permissions with Apps for SharePoint and Office Kirk Evans deep look at how apps in each of these settings authenticates to SharePoint services and acts on behalf of their users
Developing Apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2013 Mike Morton demo heavy session we will explore the SharePoint development tools that are part of Visual Studio 2013
Advanced Patterns Using Windows Azure Web Sites for Apps for Office and SharePoint Donovan Follette, Brady Gaster Apps for Office and SharePoint that target the Store on must be built for scalability, elasticity and reliability… dives into how to architect your solution to get the most out of Windows Azure…

There are a couple more that are tagged SharePoint (Yammer and Apps for Office talks).  For a full list of all six recordings tagged SharePoint click here.

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