Boston is a Proud City

bostonBoston is a proud city. We are the home of the Revolutionary War where we battled the British to win independence. We are home of the Boston Tea Party where we demanded our freedom. We are home to millions of immigrants who have made our city great. The unfortunate events this week have put the spotlight on Boston. The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, a tradition dating back 490 BC when Pheidippides, a Greek messenger, was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens Greece to announce that the Persians had been defeated. Beginning with Monday’s Boston Marathon, two terrorists took the lives of four people this week including one police officer, wounding almost 200 people in a horrendous attack on our liberty. Our city’s police and the police in the neighboring cities of Watertown and Cambridge responded heroically to bring our city back to the peaceful state it was in before the tragedy struck Marathon Monday on Patriots day. In Mayor Menino’s words on Friday night, what was amazing to see, were the hundreds of people from this city rushing into the debris to save the injured with makeshift tunicates plus the brilliant work of the world’s best medical professionals to treat the wounded. Menino’s encouraging words express the greatness of our proud city.

Amby Burfoot, editor-at-large of Runner’s World, and winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon was quoted by Rachel Maddow on her show and blog describes our pride and vigilance:

“We have used our public roadways for annual parades, protest marches, presidential inaugurations, marathons, and all manner of other events. The roads belong to us, and their use represents an important part of our free and democratic tradition.

"I trust and believe that will not change in the future–not in Boston, not at the Boston Marathon, and not at other important public events. Yes, we must be ever-vigilant. We can not cover our eyes and ears, and pretend violent acts don’t threaten our great institutions.

"But our institutions did not become great by following a path of timidity and cowardice. And we can only hope that, when pummeled, as the Boston Marathon was today, they will rise again, stronger than ever."

Boston is great for who we are, proud and strong. Some people have asked if this year’s SharePoint Saturday Boston will be canceled in light of the recent events. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the victims. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured and wish them a speedy recovery. We will not cancel this event due to a terrorist act but we understand if attendees want to stay close to their families at this time. We have speakers flying in from all over the United States and some from abroad. SharePoint Saturday, which has taken place in cities all over the world, will continue to provide a free and open place for professionals and volunteers to meet together to share their professional wisdom in this industry that has an amazingly strong and open community. If you have reserved one or more tickets but have decided not to go, please cancel online via Eventbrite  or let us know through our contact page so we can free up the spot for others who were unable to reserve a spot before we sold out.2012_SPS_Logo_300

I am very proud to be a resident of this city and founder of SharePoint Saturday Boston. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday or at one of the many future SharePoint Saturday events to come.


Talbott Crowell

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