Welcome to Windows 8

I’m very excited about the talk I’m giving at Microsoft Cambridge at the Boston Tech Meetup called Welcome to Windows 8” on Monday, January 16, 2012, where I’ll be talking about installing the pre-beta developer preview. I’ll also be talking about developing Metro style Windows 8 apps and customizing the developer preview. This is a “preview” release so many things can change. The beta should be released this quarter, so we will learn a ton more when that is released. I will show you a few tricks that will hopefully save you some time if you plan on setting it up as a power user to evaluate Windows 8 for your company or as a development environment if you want to start developing those Windows 8 apps now so you can be in the store first to take advantage of the widespread use and exposure. Or if you simply just want to be ahead of the curve and you don’t want to slog through all the Build Confernece videos.

I’ll be raffling off an Annual Plus subscription to Pluralsight’s 200+ course library worth $499.00 courtacy of Pluralsight. I’ll also be handing out some other goodies. Hope to see you there.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Windows 8

  1. Hey did you get a chance to use Windows 8. If yes please post some review and screenshots. I’d like to know how its better than windows 7 and any additional features etc added by Microsoft.

  2. Hi Cap Table, I did get a chance to use Windows 8. That is what my talk was about. When I gave the talk, Windows 8 Developer Preview (alpha release) was out, so it was not completely polished. Since then, Microsoft has released a Customer Preview (beta release) which is more solid and has the app market open called Windows Store for downloading apps http://windows.microsoft.com/is-IS/windows-8/apps

    You can now download Kindle, Slacker Radio, and Evernote for the beta build. I was using a 5 year old laptop, so I didn’t have a touch screen to test it with, but overall the experience was good. The missing Start Menu (which I have blogged about on this blog) is a bit frustrating at first, but then you get used to using the Metro style tiled dashboard as a replacement.

    As far as a comparison with Windows 7, I would say, for touch screen systems Windows 8 will be far superior, but I have not yet had a chance to test it with a touch screen system since I don’t have one yet. Stay tuned. When I get a touch screen, I’ll be sure to review my experience here on my blog.

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