PDC10 Day One

Wow, what a great day at PDC yesterday.  The keynote was exciting, especially the announcement of the free Windows Phone 7 for all attendees.  I’ve already spent significant time getting familiar with it.  I am very impressed so far.  I’ll try to have a subsequent post soon to review it and compare it to my Droid.

The keynote started off with some great demos:

  1. IE9 and HTML5 hardware acceleration
  2. Windows Phone 7 – Facebook and other apps
  3. Windows Phone 7 – Amazon Kindle app (not released to public yet)
  4. Visual Studio performance analysis tools for Windows Phone 7
  5. Azure demo of Pixar’s Renderman in the cloud
  6. Don Box’s demo of SQL Azure Reporting (SSRS for Azure) which should be available as CTP by end of this year

After that I went to Anders Hejlsberg’s “The Future of C# and Visual Basic” talk which introduced async methods.  Here is a slide discussing unifying asynchrony by pulling CPU, Network, I/O, and async methods into common approach:

Unifying Asynchrony

You can watch Hejlsberg’s full talk here.

I’ll complete this post later, don’t want to miss the beginning of PDC Day 2.


3 thoughts on “PDC10 Day One

  1. Hi Talbott,
    Thank you very much for the last meeting. This helps me to practice using F#.
    I developed the code which reads the text from url and returns the part of it with future meetings information.
    Please help me to understand what needs to be done with the last. Should it be posted somewhere?
    here is my input to the team:

    open System
    open System.IO
    open System.Net
    open System.Xml
    open System.Collections.Generic
    open System.Text.RegularExpressions

    let getText (url : string) =
    let req = WebRequest.Create(url)
    let rsp = req.GetResponse()
    use stream = rsp.GetResponseStream()
    use reader = new StreamReader(stream)
    let text = getText(“http://fsharpusergroup.rackerpoint.com/_layouts/listfeed.aspx?List=%7BEDFC9400%2D4F43%2D4E1F%2DABFA%2DB55D34EBC293%7D&Source=http%3A%2F%2Ffsharpusergroup%2Erackerpoint%2Ecom%2FLists%2FFSUG%2520Meetings%2FFuture%2520Meetings%2520List%2Easpx”)
    //printfn “%s” text
    let xmlDoc =
    let doc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument()
    let nodes = xmlDoc.ChildNodes
    for nd in nodes do
    for nds in nd.ChildNodes do
    for ndss in nds.ChildNodes do //printfn “%s” ndss.InnerText
    if ndss.LocalName = “item” then ///printfn “%s” ndss.InnerText
    for ndsss in ndss.ChildNodes do ///printfn “%s” ndsss.InnerText
    if ndsss.LocalName = “description” then ///printfn “%s” ndsss.InnerText let m = Regex.Match(ndsss.InnerText, “Start Time: (?.*)”)
    let capture = m.Groups.[“date”]
    let value = capture.Value
    let startTime = DateTime.Parse(value)
    if startTime > DateTime.Now then printfn “%s” ndsss.InnerText

    The idea to use regular expressions was borrowed from Steve.


    • No problem. Thanks for the code sample. If you email Scott, Michael and I at admin(at)fsug(dot)org we can reply via email and incorporate the code into the project. Also, we have a followup code-kata at the next meeting where we can possibly incorporate this code.

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