MEF and Silverlight

MEF and Silverlight

I presented an intro talk on MEF at Code Camp 14 in Waltham last Saturday.  This talk goes through a simple example of creating a plug in framework using .NET 4.o and then making some minor changes to move that framework to Silverlight 4.  Also in this talk we demonstrated a more sophisticated example created by Gill Cleeren called Building a App Marketplace with MEF.

Download slides and code samples:

One thought on “MEF and Silverlight

  1. Hi Talbott.
    Thanks for your MEF + SL blog. I tried the .zip and it worked OK.
    My next experiment/hack is to do an F# MEF SL example/sample.
    I found a couple of F# MEF examples recently (see links below).
    I’m hoping to be able to do an addin for Kirill Osenkov Live Geometry:

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