F# and Silverlight at Microsoft Cambridge, Monday Night

If you missed my talk on Silverlight last Saturday at the Microsoft Waltham Code Camp 13, I’ll be doing the presentation again with more time to go into more details at the Microsoft Cambridge office near MIT on Monday night April 5th, 2010 at 6:30 PM.  Please join.  Everyone is welcome.  We usually have pizza and sodas.  It will be 1 year anniversary of our first F# User Group meeting last April.  For more info go to the F# User Group site at http://fsug.org/ or to the Microsoft Cambridge site at http://microsoftcambridge.com and here is the link to the event site with a link to register http://microsoftcambridge.com/Events/FSharpUserGroup/tabid/297/Default.aspx
You don’t have to register but we encourage it.  Otherwise, just show up and ask for the F# User Group at the front desk at 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA at 6:30 PM and they will sign you in.
See you there!

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