F# and Silverlight

I’m speaking at Code Camp 13 in Waltham, MA on Saturday, March 27th on F# and Silverlight.  Here are the slides:


2 thoughts on “F# and Silverlight

  1. I enjoyed your presentation today on using F# with Silverlight.I see the link to your slides but I was wondering whether the source code for the demo app you built was available. Also do you have a link for the other code samples you mentioned at the end – the mastermind game, etc.Thanks again for the insight you provided!

  2. Phil Trelford wrote the Mastermind game using F# and WPF. Here is a link to the game and source code: http://www.trelford.com/blog/post/Mastermind-F-WPF-Game-Sample.aspxTrelford also has the Lunar Lander XNA game (XBox), the Twitter client, and a Barcode scanner and POS Checkout sample in one solution. You can download all 4 code samples from Trelford’s blog at: http://www.trelford.com/blog/post/F-Talk-at-Edge-UG-Slides-and-Demos.aspxI'll try to put my Silverlight code up soon.

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