F# Parallel Programming Video

The video for my F# talk on Parallel Programming with Visual Studio 2010 is now available for viewing at http://vimeo.com/8493636.  In this video, I discuss some of the advantages of .NET 4 and F# for asynchronous programming plus some of the new analysis tools built into Visual Studio 2010 for visualizing concurrency.
You can also access the video and slides from http://fsug.org along with previous F# User Group talks by clicking on "Previous Speakers".
Also, please join us tomorrow night for another talk at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, MA where Mutaamba Maasha will be speaking about "Categories and Reason".

One thought on “F# Parallel Programming Video

  1. Changed your code in the video to use tail recursive and avoid stack overflow#lightlet nums = List.ofArray[|99L..999999L|]let sqr x = x * x//Tail Recursive// By passing the x around we can avoid Stack overflowlet sumOfSquares l = let rec sumOfSquaresR numbers x = match numbers with |[] -> x |head::tail -> sumOfSquaresR tail (sqr head) sumOfSquaresR l 0Llet result = sumOfSquares nums

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