Code Camp F# update – Language Oriented Programming

Thanks to all who attended my talk at Code Camp.  Here are a few updates.  One attendee asked the question "What is Language Oriented Programming" and although I was able to give a limited answer, I was not happy with it.  I did a bit of digging and found a great description of LOP by JetBrains’ Sergy Dmitriev.  In the following article he desribes his motiviations for LOP:
"I’m talking about the limitations of programming which force the programmer to think like the computer rather than having the computer think more like the programmer. These are serious, deeply-ingrained limitations which will take a lot of effort to overcome."

Also, Wikipedia has a simple definition describing LOP as metaprogramming where "the programmer creates one or more domain-specific programming languages for the problem first, and solves the problem in those languages"
As I mentioned at Code Camp, Chance Coble gave a talk on the subject at our October meeting.  Here is a link to information about the talk.  We don’t have the video or slides up yet, so hopefully those will be up soon too:
Finally, I have updated the slides from my presentation to include the missing "Power Wall" graph showing how if CPU’s had been able to keep doubling in speed every 18 months along with Moore’s Law, we would have CPUs as hot as the sun.  It also includes a few slides on basic F# syntax and expressions from the talk that were missing from the pevious version that I made available online.

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