F# User Group Kickoff meeting on Monday, April 6th – All welcome to join

Michael, Rick, and I are proud to announce the first live meeting of the New England F# User Group.  Tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM we are meeting in Cambridge, MA at One Memorial Drive in the Microsoft New England Research and Development (NERD) Center.  We welcome any and all to join us explore this new language from the other Cambridge across the pond.  The F# language has its beginnings in 2002 at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England, where Don Syme and crew designed it to follow OCaml (a modern dialect of the ML functional language).  MS Research has released several versions since 2006.  The latest is the F# September 2008 CTP which integrates with Visual Studio 2008.  Microsoft announced last year that it was planning to productize it, giving it much promise for the future.  We can expect to see it as a first class language in the forthcoming Visual Studio 2010.
Until then, join us for some pair programming exercises at our F# User Group dojo tomorrow night.  If you miss tomorrow, then we hope to see you in the future.  We also plan to upload our meetings and potentially broadcast them in the future, so check our web site at http://fsug.org.  Remember, we meet every 1st Monday night at the NERD Center!  So see you there 🙂

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