I’m a twit’n

I created my Twitter account over a year ago and plugged it into Facebook so that my tweets update my Facebook status, but haven’t used it in 14 months until today.  We had a speaker social over here at ThirdM headquarters in Lexington with Joel Oleson, Eric Kraus, Geoff Varosky, Michael Lotter, Mike Dwyer, and many more speakers for SharePoint Saturday Boston. Everyone was talking about Twitter, and I think they even convinced Pradeepa to start tweeting! 
Twitter has really taken off.  Today I went from following 0 to 62, including David Bowie, Steve Jobs, Shepard Fairey, a ton of Microsoft guys, my friends from SharePoint Saturday, Snoop Dogg, and Quest from the Roots (who are now the band on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.)  BTW: Jimmy Fallon’s on Twitter too.
You can follow me at http://twitter.com/talbott although I can’t promise that I’ll have anything interesting to say… I mean tweet.

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