Windows Server 2008 R2 Core

Wow, just finished 2 weeks of conferences, last week was PDC and this week P&P Summit at Microsoft’s Redmond campus building 33.  I have a ton to blog about, now just need the time!
One thing I wanted to get out before I forgot, when at the "Ask the Experts" last week at the PDC, I sat down with the Windows Core guys and found out that they are putting portions of the .NET Framework on Windows Server Core 2008 R2.  This has a couple of interesting results.  First of all, we will finally be able to run PowerShell on Core.  This means that if you are running remote PowerShell core programs you can get remote access to a ton more PowerShell objects and not just WMI calls.  Another thing is that IIS and SQL Server and other server products that depend on the .NET Framework could also be potentially hosted on server core.  Windows Server Core 2008 R2 should be released around Windows 7 timeframe. 
Learn more at:

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